1. Shri.Rajender.C.Shrigadi
  2. Smt.Sukanya Shrigadi
  3. Shri.Ramesh L. Yennam
    (Joint Secretary)
  4. Mr.Rakesh.C.Shrigadi
  5. Mr.Dayanand S.Shrigadi
  6. Mr.Chandrakanth S.Shrigadi
  7. Mrs.Laxmi C.Shrigadi
  8. Mrs.Swati D.Shrigadi
  9. Mrs.Lavanya R.Yennam


Rajender C Shrigadi We are an organization which is working for the overall development of School  and college going students, from last 15 years in Mumbai region. In these 15  years we have been observing that our students are easily placed in the  market. Compared to other students who does not get an opportunity to attend  our Activity. The reason is very clear.

We at Shrigadi Foundation work towards the development of student’s communication, personality, Confidence creation and Academic Education. In communication we refer to communication any language without fear and language for expression. With that English is also considered as very important we teach them English as a language of communication. With that we concentrate on their positive thinking, their behavior and lot of other things which makes students different from the crowed. Students get all the technical education related with computers he becomes fearless with the technology with that we hope students can be placed in future on better places in market.

Our Vision

To give a life changing opportunity to students by providing life skills.

Our Mission

To bring the changes in the standard of underprivileged students, by giving them all knowledge at their right age and exploring them to the world of practical knowledge. Guiding and giving them all practical and confidence, which will take them to the right place at the right time?

How To Find Us

Gala No-4, Laxmi Niwas, Opp Tilak Nagar Gate, On 90 FT RD Sakinaka,

Tel: +91 9930848060.


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