1. Shri.Rajender.C.Shrigadi
  2. Smt.Sukanya Shrigadi
  3. Shri.Ramesh L. Yennam
    (Joint Secretary)
  4. Mr.Rakesh.C.Shrigadi
  5. Mr.Dayanand S.Shrigadi
  6. Mr.Chandrakanth S.Shrigadi
  7. Mrs.Laxmi C.Shrigadi
  8. Mrs.Swati D.Shrigadi
  9. Mrs.Lavanya R.Yennam

Personality Development Programs

Rajender C Shrigadi As every person in their life time has to face many difficulties and at that time  most of the people give up because of lack of proper motivation. Has, there is  no accept ion for any human being. Who will not face the difficulties or hurdles  in their life time. For that we need to nurture our mind in such a way that. The  biggest problem of the world should look very small to us it is possible only through proper Development of our personality.

The negative information is freely flowing in the environment all negative things which a person should not know is learned by every person very easily. But no one is having time to give positive thoughts to students all are busy in their life they do not feel the necessity of this but if you put a small time see everything in this world starts with motivation.

So we need to give a motivation and well developed personality to all our future citizens that is our dream which we want to achieve through you.

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Gala No-4, Laxmi Niwas, Opp Tilak Nagar Gate, On 90 FT RD Sakinaka,

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