1. Shri.Rajender.C.Shrigadi
  2. Smt.Sukanya Shrigadi
  3. Shri.Ramesh L. Yennam
    (Joint Secretary)
  4. Mr.Rakesh.C.Shrigadi
  5. Mr.Dayanand S.Shrigadi
  6. Mr.Chandrakanth S.Shrigadi
  7. Mrs.Laxmi C.Shrigadi
  8. Mrs.Swati D.Shrigadi
  9. Mrs.Lavanya R.Yennam

Spiritual Education Program

Rajender C Shrigadi Every Human Beign follows one or the other religion by able to read and  understand the spiritual content the students will be able to find the inner  power in them.

 Towards this we have taken a first step by introducing online program to learn  to read Bhagwat Geeta under the guidance of "Swami Shri.Shri.Shri.Bhoda  Bhumayya" to his promoting and teaching a Bagawat Geeta from last 26 years.

One man by holding a book in one hand and stick in one has changed the future of our nation. We have a dream of teaching all Hindu students to read Bhagwat geeta recitation. Which will give a positive energy in them and will change their life from ordinary to extraordinary?

How To Find Us

Gala No-4, Laxmi Niwas, Opp Tilak Nagar Gate, On 90 FT RD Sakinaka,

Tel: +91 9930848060.


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